Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) Courses

Like alcohol, gambling can be extremely destructive when a person over-indulges - which sadly, for some people, is an all too common occurrence. Just as the RSA deals with harm minimisation of alcohol, the RCG deals with harm minimisation of gambling. The RCG is relevant to potential bartenders because most bars and pubs have gambling related functions that, as a staff member, you may be required to administer or maintain in some way. This includes poker and other gaming machines.

The RCG (known as the RSG - responsible service of gambling - in some states) explains the indicators and effects of problem gambling, as well as detailing your legal responsibilities as a staff member. You will also learn to identify and assist problem gamblers as well as provide assistance to family and friends.

The course takes approximately 6 hours to complete. If you are successful you will receive a statement of attainment, as well as credit towards a Certificate II in Hospitality Operations.

An RCG certification typically costs between $60 and $150, but can generally be combined with an RSA certification at heavily discounted rates.

You will need photo ID on the day.