Bartending Courses

A bar course increases your chances of being picked over other less educated candidates dramatically. Since training someone from scratch costs time and money, employers are eager to hire someone who already possesses the necessary skills and understanding. This is why a bartending course is especially crucial if you have limited 'on-the-job' practical experience.

Unlike an RSA and RCG accreditation, which are required by law, a bartending course from a recognized institution is more attune to an investment in yourself. The certification will mean both better pay and a wider variety of job options and will rapidly 'pay for itself' if you properly publicize your extra training.

A good course will give you a thorough understanding of how to operate and maintain a bar. You'll learn about things like occupational health and safety, hygiene and customer service, as well as professional pouring, mixing and garnishing techniques with both beer and spirits.

You should receive a certificate and credit towards a TAFE Certificate II in Hospitality Operations. Some courses also offer employment assistance.